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MI and Maths

Multiple Intelligence and Maths

I was invited to conduct a workshop on MI and Maths at Darshan Academy, Meerut.
2 hours! 
There are 3 sections to all workshops of mine, with an encore.
My plan

·        1st when they EXPERIENCE deeply what they are expected to implement.
 2nd when they ANALYSE and debate about it.
3rd when they show an example of IMPLEMENTation of it in their classes.

Finally, when they set goals.

MI Test

I gave a MI self-check test to the teachers and asked them to check their own set of MI. they did it, analysed their results and then made some interesting discoveries.
“I did not know that I am nature smart”!
“I like music but it says I have no musical intelligence”!
Then I had a discussion with them about what MI is and is not. That it does not reflect how intelligent they are but which intelligences do they prefer to use when they learn.

We analysed the learning. I connected it to the whole brain through picture and a video of a classroom. They had to analyse the video and observe the number of intelligences that the teacher was using.
They also analysed a lesson plan to see how many intelligences are in action and suggested improvements. We talked and talked.
Analysing MI
Analysing a lesson
Analysing a classroom situation

This is the most interesting part for me. When they show me how they would implement it in their classes. I asked each group to take any topic, pretend we are living in the ideal world when there are no limits of time, and show us how they would have all intelligences used in teaching the chapter. They didn’t have to talk about it, but show it be presenting to the whole group. This is where there was an explosion of energy in the room as each groups came and talked, sang, danced and had fun.
Teachers presenting a lesson

Goals! Each teacher had to share a goal that would be implemented in the next week itself. Barring one, all other 22 teachers were very clear what they wanted to the next week to use the information learnt!
Thinking about goals

End of the day, the purpose is to have integration in the mind!

Could have done better!
Could have also asked for a goal for their own lives. Since they discovered something new about themselves on the day.

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