My failed class!

This lesson of mine completely failed! Although I had thought that it would be super successful. 

Grade 8
Class setting: Group
Mode of learning: Flip the class 
Lesson on: Percentage
Website to be used: 
Drill work: Textbook

The students worked in groups with their laptops. The school had free WiFi. As the students often ran in panting with "My battery is about to die" or "Net is working", thereby completely ruining the lesson, I had told them in advance, "Have battery back up for 40 Minutes and WiFi functional. Else you work through the textbook". 

I never had any tech issues...such is the (un) popularity of textbooks!

Now here is my perfect lesson- Have a look!

Clear instructions to the students

Website name emailed to them

The syllabus marked and mailed

They self study

They do the quiz

They work on the book

Perfect class!

Picture perfect lesson...right? I mean how can it be bettered (!) ... I am a genius teacher...were the thoughts in my head. And of course the class was SO quiet. IN an IB school where 1 kid is as good as 5...this was a dream come true. I was building SO many skills. Take a bow.

  1. They learn independence
  2. Time saver
  3. Organization skill
  4. Comprehension skills
  5. Self learning
  6. Problem solving in math
  7. Self paced learning

I should get an award right?

Till...1 voice squeaked, "I just can not do this! Give me the textbook". 
Harshly woken up from my dreams of fame I was and I wondered who is this rude pipsqueak, when I saw the kid, tears streaming from his eyes. And he said, "I can't do this!". And I found my lesson shattered and failed. 

And all kids stopped working as they waited for the 'Dracula' teacher to be mean!

So what happened?
As you can see, the site is very text heavy. 
The kid was dyslexic.
It has bright colours.
He was ADHD and could not focus. 

I fought my ego, for after all i made a brilliant lesson...and the ego lost. I swallowed the humble pie and handed the kid the textbook. Scooted next to him and helped him through the very traditional way.   The class went back to work. The kid came back to normal from his panic attack. I started breathing again. 

So what did I learn?
  1. Don't call a lesson perfect till it is over!
  2. There is no perfect strategy
  3. Flip the class is not an ideal for all
  4. Plan...and be detached. Be ready to drop the plan and adapt. 

I suppose my learning was perfect!

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