A controversial point

This may sound controversial to many or some of you; however, it is not important to me how good or bad my student is in my subject. I have no external standard to measure his/her ability against. What is important to me is ‘Is he/she up to – his/her – best’. When I respect learning differences, I don’t just respect that each child learns differently, I also respect that each child may want to learn the amount of Maths too differently! So instead of a standard that everyone must reach, I would develop a hawk-like observation to assess – how high should this kid be pushed?

Tanya’s story
Strong, confident and clear, she knows what she wants to do in life - Journalism. She is already working towards it. Maths is not her top priority. Should I push her in order for her to have a report card that says A+ in all...or should I cut her some slack and support her in her pursuits?

The answer to this question decides at which point you are on the scale of HumaneMaths.
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