Maths board border.

Get students to design the border for the bulletin boards.

Bulletin boards....how many of us like them?
I love them, for I don't do much with them. I organize, plan and leave it to the students.
One of the things is border for the board. I turned it into a project for the students.

These were the instructions:
  1. Take a 20 inch by 5 inch strip of paper of any colour of your choice
  2. Draw, write or express in any other fashion your interpretation or feeling for maths as a subject
  3. If you are expressing a feeling, try and find something positive that you wish to say
  4. Colour it or shade it. Creativity is your choice!
  5. You will be awarded marks out of 5. 3 for mathematical expression and 2 for creativity and neatness
  6. '-'1 per day for late submission. Obviously 0 after 5 days.
I get wonderful borders. 1 formative assessment is done and students' work is all around my classroom!
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