Art and Maths project.

Art has a universal appeal. Geometry has an inherent perfection and its own beauty. I thought that if a student works on geometry by creating a perfect form, it may bring perfection in the fingers that work upon the design! Also, one will learn to work with the tools of geometry – protractor, ruler and compass – and weave the beautiful creations…

  1. To be done in the Maths class on Thursdays. 
  2. The Thursday class was converted into project class.
  3. Pair work
  4. Each pair of students was given one geometric design
  5. They were asked first to figure out how it was done
  6. Using the geometry tools – ruler, compass, protractor, pencil – copy it to perfection
  7. ‘Colour it as you wish’. Convert it to an art piece!
  8. The book used for taking the designs was by Bruce Rawles (Sacred Geometry Design)
CONCEPTS - Geometrical constructions
  1. Figure out the geometry of a design given
  2. Copy it with perfection
  3. Colour it and turn it into a design
  4. Make a presentation to the class. Explain how you drew the design, giving all the geometrical processes and rules involved.
  5. Also share what you found easy and difficult during the project
A clear rubric always helps students to organize their thoughts.
  • perfection of geometry – 10 marks
  • Art work – 5 marks
  • Verbal presentation - 5

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