Classroom structure for HumaneMaths

Considering the role of education is to bring out the highest of which any student is capable of, what kind of classrooms and school structures do we create? Fluid, semi-structured and sensitive spaces where the possibility of developing creativity is alive; where students feel relaxed and secure enough to allow their natural selves to emerge; where exams is 'one of the skills' we master!
When all information is available on the Internet, what is the role of a teacher?
1.           I transfer my passion to them.
2.           I organize learning atmosphere for interpersonal skill fostering.
3.           I dialogue with the students and push their mental boundaries.
4.           I burst with joy when someone says, "Now I got it."
5.           I look for potential, and when possible, I give it a little shove.

I have yet to find a website that can do all of this.
Have you?
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