Designing Fractions

How does one design a lesson that opens the children to learning? 
If I have to design fractions for grade 6, this is how I will go about it - This is the time they become fearful of fractions and hence of Maths. Hence multisensory-approach is mandatory.

  1. They will definitely engage in story writing, poetry writing, colourful display of what fractions are, cut and paste work and/Ppt creation.
  2. Since I want them to be able to choose, I will give them a selection of optional mediums to work from (the list given above)
  3. This should take care that they don't lose the emotional touch with the topic.
  4. The algorithms...oof!...are necessary. But the boredom can be reduced by having the students work with peers alternate with self work. 
  5. Practice-Practice-Practice...with music on my player, with their choice of peer.
  6. A test only when they feel 'ready' for it
  7. Story problems to be tackled with discussions in small groups, sketching them and talking aloud
  8. All of above to be interspersed with short stories to be written by them
  9. Encouraging them to openly share their fun and fear moments with everyone to give space for catharsis. 

What else I wonder?
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