Learning Management Systems

For me, a learning management system (LMS)is something that is the part of the strategies to work with the students. It is my record diary, i.e., the ‘manual’. We use the Learning Management system called Veracross. I use it very effectively for:
1.           Sending notations to parents;
2.           Putting all work up on it;
3.           Writing notes for each assessment;
4.           Showing how differentiation is happening;
5.           Encouraging students to be on top of it; and
6.           Attendance of course!
Students are fascinated when they see their grades go up and down on everyday basis. They understand the relevance of all assignments. The common question I hear is, "Is it going up on veracross?"
Someone said the other day, "You teachers use veracross like Facebook! Everything is up on it..."

The advantage of a LMS is that it adds to the ongoing effort to make students independent of the teacher. The system becomes their focus and not the person.
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