Maths cross curricular project

This is a project that linked Maths, Drama and English. 
I involved the Drama and English teachers also to work on this. 

This is how I went about for this project!
Students were given a Maths related story. 1 per group

They converted it into a script with their group

English teacher, Sabreena, helped teach writing a script

Students worked in their group

They prepared their drama

They presented to the judges, Cathy, the drama teacher and her her students!

The drama students gave feedback touched upon by Cathy

The rubric consisted of solution for the Maths problem (assessed by me), quality of the script (assessed by Sabreena), drama (assessed by the drama teacher) and quality of cooperative work (self assessed by the group). For each criteria, we had discussed with students what we will cover. 
For timeline, they worked on the Maths lesson every Thursday for the project (it was the last lesson). One of the students comments, "Thursday I am never absent for Maths class!". :)

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