Pascal Triangle

Self study sheet for Pascal's Triangle
Hand out the following sheet to the students. Let them work in groups of 3 or 4 in order for them to collaborate in their learning. Try and be an observer as you move from group to group. 

Observe the design of numbers given below. How is each row generating from the one above as we move from top to bottom?
Pascal's Triangle
  1. Find the sum of numbers in each row. What do you discover?
  2. Look at row 7. What is so special about the 2nd number?
  3. If each numbers in each row is seen as digits of a number, for e.g., row 1 = 1; row 2 = 121; row 3 = 1331 etc, what is the relation between these numbers and number 11? 
  4. Find 5 historical facts on Pascal, Blaise.

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