Chanting in maths

Ancient Indians used chanting as a method to transfer knowledge as there was nothing to write on. generations of students and scholars chanted away the mantras! 
I use chanting in the class as a strategy, especially for children with special needs who find it difficult to hold on to new words 
e.g QUADRILATERAL or to rules such as SOH-CAH-TOA. 
We all chant together. 
It is funny, we do laugh a lot. 
We chant with phonetic awareness. 
Slowly, as they chant, connections form in their minds and the new words/properties just settle in. 
So if you pass by my class and hear all of us singing "opposite, adjacent, hy-po-te-nuse"...you know what we are doing! Great way to help them bond with the word! 
The neural networks are formed as we sing using the ancient technology, our voice! 
We also clap in rhythm as we sing. Sometimes, during a test I hear someone singing softly to remember the concept...
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