Before you check Maths

We are educators before Maths teachers. We are concerned more about the 'child' than the 'child in my subject'. This is a very subtle shift in the teacher’s mindset that I am talking about. Connect with the child...get to know who he is, what his passion is and what the place of Maths is in his life. That done, you have a humane relationship with him. And then, he 'will' do Math ‘as much as possible’.
Once, there was a student in grade 12, ISC Maths in Bangalore. A passionate artist, he had set his heart into going for the designing school. One day, he missed my Maths class. Classmates told me he was into the Art class before mine and I thought I knew what happened. A couple of classes later he walked up to me and sat next to me. He said, "I was so lost in designing, I lost track of time."
From the bottom of my heart, I understood what he intended.
I asked him, "So what about the work you missed?"
He said, "Give me two days and it will be done." And, it was completed in two days.

Thus, the ‘connect’ with the person is more important!

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