Scientific notation grade 9

At the end of this lesson, you should know:  How to convert a number to scientific notation/standard form.   And the reverse, converting a number back to normal form.

TASKS TO BE DONE IN ORDER: Go to the site. Learn about Scientific Notation; Open the site 2. Read and understand the information on scientific notation. Scroll down and play the quiz to test your understanding. 
Suppose you were the person who discovered scientific notation. Write a short story describing the discovery.
a)      Why did you discover it?
b)      What inspired you?
c)      Explain conversion to scientific notation using examples
d)      How do you think it can help?
e)      Who does it help?

You can go to the following sites to help find the relevant information:      1 OR 2  
The story should be typeset in a word document and emailed to me by 9 pm today!         

Rubric: 10 marks total. 5 for the language and 5 for the accurate explanation of scientific notation. 

I follow such a self study session with a short discussion to ensure comprehension and then a test. That completes the work. Fosters independent learning and usually this lesson goes so well it has become my favourite!

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