Slope and Intercept

It is generally delightful to create a set up where the children investigate and reach conclusions! A lot of skills come into picture - deductive logic, pattern reading, group work and self learning. One such investigation was to be able to read slope and intercept from y=mx+c. I started with giving students a lot of equations and randomly plot them on a graph - single grid. Then I discussed rise and run with them. Followed the following investigation table:

Rise ÷ Run
Where the line cuts y-axis





ANALYSES - What do I deduce from the information in the table? What do you notice?
CHECK YOUR UNDERSTANDING - For each of the following, write the slope ’m’ and intercept ‘c’ from the equation y = mx + c

Slope and Intercept
1.       Y = 5x – 7

2.       Y = 6

3.       Y = -3x + 5

4.       Y = -2x – 9

5.       Y = 7x

Quite a stormy class it was with students struggling and feeling insecure. But finally, we reached there...Wow! I was a facilitator!
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